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4026 Rio Grande Blvd NW

(between Griegos and Montaño Blvds.)

Tournament Rules: In the modified swiss, you will play four 5-point matches during the evening. The player(s) with the most victories wins or shares the cash pot(s).

The single elimination with consolation follows a hierarchical path and is a standard for many tournaments.

Tournament Rules


Our casual weekly tournaments are very friendly.  We encourage players to interact over the board. This promotes an environment where one can learn from the better players and teach those that are up and coming. The goal is to have lots of fun while improving your game.

Regular Weekly Tournament - Modified Swiss Format

Our weekly tournaments feature a modified swiss format. There are two flights: An Intermediate flight with 3 point matches and an advanced flight with 5 point matches. That means players have an opportunity to play with other players of various skill levels. You will get to play 3, 4, or 5 matches during the evening. The player(s) with the most victories win or share the cash pot.

Advanced Tournament:      $10 Entry. Optional $5 Side Pool.   5 Point Matches. 100% Payout. In this tournament, players who have not cashed for 8 weeks or more will have their entry fee reduced by half until they cash.

Intermediate Tournament : $3 Entry.  3 Point Matches. 100% Payout.


Special Tournament - Chipotle Backgammon with Competition Seeding

Occassionaly, we have a special tournament. There is a $5 entry fee and a $5 optional side pool. 

  1. Players arrive between 5:30 PM and 6:00 PM
  2. Players purchase chips for $5.00. All money goes into the prize pool.
  3. The playing field is leveled through chip allocation:*
    • "A seeded" players receive 20 chips
    • "B seeded" players receive 25 chips
    • "C seeded" players receive 30 chips
    • "D seeded" players receive 35 chips
    • "E seeded" players receive 40 chips
  4. At 6:00 PM, director draws and announces the initial playing pairs. Players may choose to play in unlimited games, chouettes, or matches throughout the night.
  5. Unlimited Games:
    • Each pair plays 3 games (suggested - can be more or less). 
    • After each game, loser pays winner in chips. 
    • Jacoby rule is in effect.
    • Players then rotate to the next available player and play 3 games and so on throughout the night.
  6. Chouettes:
    • Normal chouette rules are in effect. 
    • No consulting until a player’s cube is turned. 
    • After each game, loser(s) pay winner(s) in chips. 
    • Jacoby rule is in effect.
    • No time limit for the chouette.
  7. Matches:
    • The match length establishes the number of points to be transferred from the winner to the loser. For example, in a 5 point match, the loser gives the winner 5 chips regardless of the final score.
    • Higher seeded players must offer 1 or 2 seed points to lower seeded players.**
    • Jacoby rule is not in effect in matches.
    • Crawford rule is in effect in matches.
  8. Players can join the tournament until 7:00 PM. Joinees start with anyone who is already waiting for a match or the next available person.
  9. Players must play a minimum of two hours to qualify for cash or master points.
  10. When a player runs out of chips he or she can “buy back in” for $5.00 and receive his or her seed adjusted allocation.
  11. Under no circumstances may chips be transferred between players.
  12. Side pool. Same as before. Winner takes all.
  13. At the end of the night the prize pool is distributed:
    • 40% goes to first place win - cash.
    • 20% goes to second place win - cash.
    • 10% is distributed as master points for participation (0.50 points per player)
    • 30% is distributed as master points for winning (3 places when we have 6 to 8 or players, 4 places for 9 to 12 players, 5 places for 13 to 16 players, 6 places for 17 to 23):
      • 6 to 8 players     (1st = 58%, 2nd = 29%, 3rd = 14%) of the 30%
      • 9 to 12 players   (1st = 50%, 2nd = 25%, 3rd = 16.67%, 4th = 8.33%) of the 30%
      • 13 to 16 players (1st = 50%, 2nd = 25%, 3rd = 13%, 4th = 7%, 5th = 5%) of the 30%
      • 17 to 23 players (1st = 50%, 2nd = 25%, 3rd = 12%, 4th = 6%, 5th = 4%, 6th = 3%) of the 30%
  14. Master points can be accumulated for backgammon prizes or cashed in at any time for $1.00 per master point.
    • Quarterly master point contest continues as before.
    • The tournament ends at 9:30 PM. All chips are returned, counted, and the winners are announced.

    *Determining Your Competition Seed

    Players will choose a seed level from A to E. The guidelines are as follows.
                             Seed        Winning Percentage
                                A                     > 60%
                                B                     ≈ 50%
                                C     (default)  ≈  40%
                                D                    ≈  30%
                                E                    <  30%
    Throughout the season, players should keep a record of their performance and compute their winning percentage based on the following formula:
                                                 (number of matches won) / (number of matches played)

    It is the player’s responsibility to inform the director when their seed level has changed.

    **Using Competition Seeds in a Match

    At the beginning of each match, lower seeded players will be awarded 1 point for each difference in seed level, e.g., in a 5 point match if a B seed meets a C seed, the C seed starts out with 1 point. A maximum of 2 points in 7 point matches and 1 point in 5 point matches can be awarded.

    The seed differential is subject to the following limits:

            7 Point Match    2 Points    e.g., An A seed plays a C, D or an E seed
            5 Point Match    1 Point      e.g., An A seed plays a B, C, D, or E seed
            3 Point Match    No seed    i.e., No seeds in consolation flight

    All players are eligible for prizes. Cash prizes are awarded at the end of each weekly tournament to the winner of the Main and Consolation Flights (See the payout chart below). Players in the finals matches are encouraged to "hedge" to insure some winning capital.


    Alternative Weekly Tournament with Competition Seeding

    There is a $5 entry fee and a $5 optional pool. Master Points are given if you win most of your matches in a given night. Matches are 5 points in the Main Flight and 3 points in the Consolation Flight. If 8 or fewer players are available, Main Flight matches are 7 points and Consolation matches are 3 points.

    The Albuquerque Backgammon Club is unique in managing a fair competion for its members. People participate at different skill levels. Players improve over time but it can be frustrating for a weaker player coming up against a more experienced player. Thus we have implemented a competition seed program to challenge the stronger players and level out the playing field for the less experienced players.

    This is a voluntary program. Players will determine their own seed level although the director can override players who choose too low a seed to gain a tournament advantage. Before a given match, the lower seeded player is entitled to the seed advantage but may decline it or compromise, e.g., take 1 instead of 2 points.


    Detailed Tournament Rules

    Abuse of Time Penalties

    Players must register by 5:45 PM.
    Play will begin promptly at 6:00 PM.
    During the evening, players must begin their match within 5 minutes after it is available.
    Players lose 1 pt for each 5 minute delay in starting a match.
    Loss of more than half of the match score (3 pts in the main, 2 pts in the consolation) forfeits the match.


    Clocks may be used in the Division 1 Tournament.

    Main Flight:
    Bank: 2:00 minutes per point for a total of 10:00 minutes in a five point match
    Delay: 13 seconds

    Consolation Flight:
    Bank: 2:00 minutes per point for a total of 6:00 minutes in a three point match
    Delay: 13 seconds

    Players Inexperienced with Clock (first evening using clock):
    Bank: 3:00 minutes per point for a total of 15:00 minutes in a five point match; 9:00 minutes in a 3 point match.
    Delay: 13 seconds

    Payout Charts

    Entry fees are 100% payout. All fees only go towards cash payouts or prizes. 

    Payouts are determined by the number of players in the tournament. 

    In addition, all players receive participation points. Division 1 players receive 0.50 Master Points and Division 2 players receive 0.25 Master Points for playing in their respective tournaments.
    These charts provide the payouts for prize money and points.


    Division 1 Payout Chart


    Division 2 Payout Chart